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Catching Up with Bill Sanders

A few years ago, Bill Sanders maintained one of the few blogs focused on olive oil, called Crush and Press, and he could be seen at trade shows and on local morning television programs around his native Kentucky delivering sales pitches for Tunisian olive oil.

These days he’s pitching a brand of his very own.

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From The Local Travelertm – Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show

The video below is from the Emmy award-winning Local Traveler Show, in fact this clip was shown at the Emmy’s. The Local Traveler show is where you’ll discover wonderful locally made products and travel worthy destinations throughout Kentucky and Tennessee by exploring the world outside your back door.

For the Love of Olive Oil

Local man hopes to revolutionize the olive oil industry with a higher quality extract

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Fresh comes first to olive oil purveyor from Maysville

Bill Sanders’ search for a healthier diet led him on the journey of a lifetime. Sanders, who lives in Maysville, has been an evangelist for fresh extra-virgin olive oil since 1999, when he was living in Boulder, Colo.

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TerraOlivo Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition Prestige Gold Award Winner

Bill Sanders, a recognized international evangelist for fresh extra virgin olive oil, is offering his own, First Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil varieties, including:

California Blend, an exclusive blend of three olive oil varieties from trees spanning the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries in Corning, California, and

3 Village Blend, a 100% Certified Argentina Extra Virgin Olive Oil from olives grown in the shadow of the Andes Mountains.

First Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oils are an all-purpose extra virgin olive oils that can be used for cooking, drizzling (finishing) and dipping.  Drizzle over fresh tomatoes, pasta, cheese, and grilled meats, fish and vegetables.  Their buttery finish is perfect for making pesto, and even brownies.

First Fresh Olive Oils are available to consumers online at crushandpress.com, but our primary objective is to make our products available at your neighborhood market. Please ask your favorite retailer or grocer to contact us, or better yet, send us the name of the store and we will contact them.

For more information,  please contact Sanders First Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil at info@sandersfirstfresh.com or 202.966.8530.

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